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David Glick’s Photographs

Working in the tradition of landscape photography David Glick seizes the romance of great spaces allowing the viewer to be overwhelmed by the vastness of nature.  Glick is a careful observer, finding the right balance and light within each shot. He scrupulously holds to not allowing the computer to alter what is actually present in each shot.  The sky has to open in just the right way, the light has to quicken to the exact moment.  This is part of the excitement and tension of his craft and results in its ultimate truth.  He is relentless in his work to achieve his final working proof.  Each picture is scrutinized and judged and printed repeatedly until it is ready.

David Glick can capture an iconic moment in the American landscape like the flag waving at the side of a barn, a gas sign, or a group of bungalows at Cape Cod.  But it is the romance of the sky swirling with storm clouds, the peaks of majestic mountains, and the depth of the forest primeval that achieve equal iconic status in his vision.  David Glick’s photography always attains a poetry of light.  

— John Blee


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Dave is represented by the following great galleries:

Zenith Gallery
Washington DC (202) 783-2963

Byrne Gallery
Middleburg Virginia (540) 687-6986

Peter Coes Gallery
Cape Cod, Massachusetts 508.362.2534

Forms Gallery
Delray Beach, Florida 561.274.3676